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Fire & Intruder Alarm Batteries

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  1. Yuasa NP3.2-12, Battery - (12V, 3.2AH)

    Yuasa NP3.2-12, Battery - (12V, 3.2AH)

    Highly durable and multipurpose, the Yuasa NP3.2-12 Battery (12V, 3.2AH) can be used with a wide range of battery powered applications such as fire alarm panels and burglar alarms among others. Learn More
  2. Yuasa NP7-12, Battery - (12V, 7AH)

    Yuasa NP7-12, Battery - (12V, 7AH)

    The NP7-12 Battery (12V, 7AH) quickly and efficiently recovers from deep discharge. Its lead calcium grid make extended life possible. Suitable for Kentec Sigma panels. Learn More

2 Item(s)

Fire & Intruder Alarm Batteries
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